What is UV resin?

A transparent resin gel which hardens when exposed to Ultraviolet rays.
No mixing is required.

Ultra-Thin UV Curing Resin


Introducing our new, ultra-thin, brushable UV resin for fly tying.


  • Hard, Glassy Finish Available In Clear And Black
  • Glass Bottle With A Fine Tip Brush
  • Low Odor
  • Made In the USA
  • Will Not Clump And Crystallize From Cold Temperatures Like The Leading Competitor!

A family of UV products specialized for

Fly Tying

UV resin has many application opportunities in fly tying. Coat wingcases with a hard shell. Make grubs and larva look especially gooey and tastier to fish. Build up heads and set eyes for baitfish patterns. The opportuniteis are only limited by your imagination. Our family of fly tying products are developed for the unique needs at the tying bench.

High uva output with Low power consumption

UV Curing Lights

The performance of ultraviolet LED technology is advancing rapidly. We are leveraging this technology to develop curing lights with a high performance to cost ratio.

UV Curing Resin Specialized for

Crafting & Creating

The performance of UV LED technology is advancing rapidly. We are leveraging this technology to build high performance to cost ratio curing lights.


  • Clear Hard and glassy
  • Tintable with dyes and pigments
  • Available in multiple viscosities
  • Long tapered tip prevents clogging and can be trimmed to adjust opening size

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